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Dixie Ramírez   

In January 2004 while on a mission trip to Honduras I was introduced to an itinerant evangelist named Dixie Ramírez who was born and raised there and was ministering to the people of his own country. At that time he was doing his evangelistic work on a very meager income. He felt God’s call on his life, but basically was doing it without any financial support in the places he preached.  That year our ministry voted unanimously to make Dixie an Associate Evangelist of the Roger Roller Evangelistic Association.  Since that time we have paid his salary plus provided him with the money for Bibles and other materials to be used and given away to the people he ministers to in the villages and hospitals. His only transportation is walking or by bus.

Every quarter he sends us pictures and a written update of his work. Each time someone accepts Christ he gives them a new Bible. God is blessing him and he is leading many people to Christ in Honduras. Since he first joined our ministry he has reported over 1,600 professions of faith and numerous recommitments in his preaching engagements. I have shared several times with our Board of Directors that this is the best stewardship of our money of anything that we do as a ministry. Dixie lives with his niece Lesbia, in the city of Tegucigalpa which is the capital. Our correspondence is done through her since Dixie speaks no English. Below you will find pictures of his work in ministry.

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